Restaurant Customers During the Pandemic 

17 July 2021 - By Elie Merhy

When was the last time you set foot in a restaurant? For real now? Late in 2019, the unexpected happened: people stopped going to restaurants. And a pandemic happened too, which did not help with the point we mentioned earlier. Yes, yes, we get it, there were some measures that had to be taken and whatnot. But hey, the good news is, things are a bit more under control now, and well… We would like to see you again sitting at our tables, enjoying a good meal. And tipping us generously too! On a more serious note, we thought it would be a good idea to give you our perspective on how things have been going on lately, cause let us face it, it was not the smoothest ride ever for all of us. In this issue, we will go over a few ways through which you can support restaurants during the pandemic, and we will also tackle a couple of misconceptions and myths about everything FNB during, well, the pandemic!

You’ve made it all the way to the second paragraph of our article which means you probably want to help and support restaurants during these less than average times. Want to know what you can do? Use. Delivery. Services. We know we’re stating the obvious here but bear with us. Now, how about you also leave a good review on social media (that is if your palate felt as if it were frolicked by angels; in other words, if you liked the food). And on your way out (of the restaurant’s online shop) buy some of that merchandise. A mug, a T-shirt, any support is great support these days. Plus some stores have really cool mugs and T-shirts, so really, it’s a win-win. 

Welcome to the third and least interesting paragraph of the article. You made it this far, you’re probably hungry and deserve a good meal. How about you order something from outside? (see what we did there?). On a more serious notice, we thought we would compile three misconceptions about the pandemic that, if cleared out, might in a way or another give restaurants a small boost:

  1. As of today, no evidence supports the claim that covid-19 can be transmitted through food.

  2. Eating garlic will keep vampires away, but not covid. Garlic is one of the best antioxidants you can eat, but no studies till now show a correlation between garlic and covid-19 resistance.  

  3. Dining out will not cease to exist. It won’t be the same, but it will NOT cease to exist.  

Last but not least, you’ve made it to your favorite and our least favorite part of the article: the conclusion. If you’re reading the article for a take-home message,  here it goes: Being a restaurant customer in today’s world has changed radically. Regaining a sense of normalcy involves adapting to new norms when it comes to dining out, and in the meantime showing your support to restaurants can truly mean their survival through this, hopefully soon to be over the period. We know the article took a dramatic turn at this point: it’s the price you have to pay if you skipped the previous paragraphs! Catch you in our next issue!