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Enjoying a Meal

02 January 2024

As we step into 2024, culinary landscapes across the world are in flux, cooking up a storm that includes not only health and environmental considerations but also technological advances. Which way will consumer tastes head? We explore the many trend lines that are defining the future of dining.


20 Dec 2023

In the Gulf, Kuwait has long been viewed as a leader in the food and beverage (F&B) sector. Recent figures, nonetheless, suggest that the country might have lost its stellar position to competitors in the area. We contemplate the possible reasons behind the dethroning of Kuwait and highlight the opportunities that exist to regain its competitive edge.

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29 September 2023

As Saudi Arabia charts its course towards realizing its Vision 2030 goals, the development of the hospitality sector takes center stage.

Food Forward Consulting explores the kingdom's vision for its food sector and explores the key trends and drivers shaping the industry's future.


13 June 2023

Dubai and Abu Dhabi’s lavish lifestyles and metropolitan sophistication have cemented their positions as ultimate destinations for exquisite cuisine. These cities offer a dynamic and diverse culinary landscape, featuring everything from Michelin-starred restaurants to bustling street food markets.

mostafa-meraji-utsvgKjz0b0-unsplash copy 2.jpg


17 April 2023

Hotel restaurants have always suffered from a negative stigma. They are often seen as a last resort or a backup plan, but many properties are striving to level up their culinary offerings with exquisite interiors and Michelin-starred cuisine.



Lifestyle Restaurant by Austin Distel_.jpg

8 May 2023

Consumers today demand more from restaurants than just food. Their lifestyle must be reflected in every aspect of the business, including the menu and ambiance. We explore the reasons why this business model is dominating the F&B industry and how to turn a restaurant into a lifestyle venue.


successful restaurant by alex haney.jpg

13 March 2023

The F&B industry is quite challenging, which is why, for various reasons, the majority of restaurants close during the first year of business. Food Forward Consulting discusses the fundamentals to consider before tackling such a venture.


20 Feb 2023

Encompassing a premium dining experience in a market setting, the food hall concept showcases a range of independent specialty outlets, all under one roof.

Food Forward Consulting examines food halls, the fancier version of food courts but with an authentic twist.

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Menu guide.jpg

31  Jan 2023

An excellent menu not only draws attention to a restaurant’s priciest offerings but also encourages customers to order their star dishes. Food Forward Consulting tackles the topic of optimal menu engineering and how crucial it is to the restaurant’s success.


16  Jan 2023

The United Arab Emirates' culinary scene is expanding, offering a wide range of cuisine options to satisfy the preferences of locals and foreigners alike.

In a fiercely competitive market...

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16  Jan 2023

The food industry is thriving in Saudi Arabia, Food Forward Consulting dishes up the hottest food trends making waves in the sizzling Kingdom.

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