Menu Development

Menu and recipe creation stage, developing a fully costed and operationally deliverable concept.

Menu creation, training, and implementation

Our highly talented Chefs and food development experts will create the ideal, on-trend menu that is specially designed to fit your brand and kitchen:

• Inspiration and brainstorming sessions

Menu architecture and draft

Recipe development

Menu tastings and dish presentation sessions

• Recipe and dish costing

Kitchen layout principles and design

Crockery, equipment, and packaging sourcing

Product specifications

• Photographic assembly cards

• GM / Head Chef training sessions

• Team training

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Menus and dishes fully developed to agreed targets and quality standards with hands-on training.



Menu Creation

Brainstorming sessions

Concept and trend research


Supplier sourcing


Competitor benchmarking

Innovation workshops


Menu structure and architecture


Menu Development

Menu Draft creation


Recipe development


Internal tasting sessions


Client tasting and presentation sessions


Cost engineering


Nutritional calculation


Production setup


Menu Training

Menu production

Safe food handling

Recipe implementation

Production consistency

Dish presentation

Delivery procedures

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