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Branding & Design

We innovate in branding, digital, and visual communication. 

We understand, imagine, and express change. We create simpler, lighter, and more desirable brands that work in the ever-changing food industry.

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Total brand creation and design solution for a success story and unique brand experience.

Name, Logo & Identity

Our work is creating brand identities for food concepts. From a strong name to establishing a concrete story, creative copywriting to full visual identity – logo design, colors, patterns, icons, fonts, tone of voice and all assets you need for your brand to make an impact.


We work with the best packaging suppliers to design and help our clients stay up to date with the latest packaging and implement the plastic-free packaging.

Website Design

We will design your brand website for user friendly desktop and mobile usage. 

Brand Story

Every successful brand tells a story and has a purpose. We will work with you to create a memorable story that touches people's hearts. 

Menu Design

A well designed menu speaks a lot about you, your brand and your food. We will design an attractive menu perfectly aligned with your concept and to be used in multiple formats and apps.

Social Media

We handle the content creation that is best suited for your brand from pre-launch, launch to post launch. We will be generating the content  including shooting photography to videography to editing, designing and posting.

We always make sure we provide a fun and memorable content for you social media pages.

Brand Collaterals

We will design your brand’s collaterals from stationary, signage, staff uniform, placemats, napkin, holders and all restaurant elements.

Food Photography

Whether you’re after stunning lifestyle and editorial images of your menu or product, or if you want to create conceptual feats of engineering with food.
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