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Food on TikTok

17 July 2021 - By Elie Merhy

Are you on TikTok? On the off chance you aren’t, now’s a good time to hop on the platform that has been taking the world by storm since early 2018. Why, might one ask? What if we told you that TikTok is becoming one of the biggest databases of 60 seconds or less DIY at home recipes. Forget about orchestrated choreographies and lip-syncs accurate to the millisecond. We’re talking about all the food you can imagine, from poached eggs all the way to white pearl albino caviar, on display for you at the tip of your fingers (on your phone’s screen to be more accurate).

Highway to Michelin stars

So one of the first things that might hit you if you, by the off-chance, stumble on a TikTok chef is, well, the fact that a good portion of them aren't trained in hospitality. Just like you, just like me, they’re “normal people” who found a way to make the simplest (or the most complicated) of dishes look terrific. Take @newt for example;  Can you think of anything more generic than a grilled cheese sandwich? We can’t. Take a minute and watch the video, and if this isn’t the most mouth-watering grilled cheese sandwich tutorial you’ve ever laid your eyes on, we owe you a grilled cheese sandwich.

Another thing worth mentioning now is how impactful food bloggers are on the market. We won’t dwell on this point too much since it isn’t the target of this article. Simply put, forget about YouTube and TV ads. TikTokers are the future of advertising. Take it from us, we’re pros, we know.

Some of our local TikTok Foodies:

This issue wouldn’t be complete without a few shoutouts to our local TikTokers now, would it? Take @oftravelsandtales for example. They’re simply restless. Korean, American, Vietnamese, Italian, you name it, they’ve tasted it locally, and abroad. Or @nashwakhurram … Hidden gems in Abu Dhabi? She has it covered. The most aesthetically pleasing ice cream you can imagine? You can bet she has that covered too. Or maybe what tickles your interest is a sweet galette with some ground nuts, a good squeeze of caramel, and sliced bananas? Nashwa, once again has your back. And finally, the ace up her sleeve: Want to have a cup of macchiato in the middle of the desert? She knows the place. Last but not least, @satisfieddubai is your go-to if what you’re looking for is good scenery with, obviously, a good bite. We’re talking floating breakfasts, sweet ribs, and milkshakes straight out of sci-fi movies. Another honorable mention on our list is none other than @hussain.sallam, all the way from KSA. His motto? The sloppier the better! We’re talking quadruple-decker-cheddar-deluxe over here.

By now, our guess is that you are probably signing up on TikTok (if you don’t already have an account set up) and you’re giving a local foody a like and a follow here and there. Food trends have found new vessels, new vectors, on this platform, and with the amount of traffic witnessed every day it’s not hard to guess why. So go on, find yourself a 60 second Beef Wellington DYI on TikTok, and let us know how it goes. We’ll catch you later!

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